Wind River Basin

The Wind River Basin is 65 miles west of Casper, Wyoming. Escalera Resources has interests in 3,012 net acres in the Basin. While numerous fields in the Basin have been discovered since then, two very large natural gas reservoirs are most noteworthy, namely Cave Gulch and the Madden Anticline. The Madden Anticline is 20 miles long and 6 miles wide.

Madden Anticline
The Madden Anticline is located in central Wyoming, 65 miles west of the town of Casper, and lies in the deepest part of the Wind River Basin. In total, Escalera Resources owns an approximate 16.67% working interest in 734 acres on the anticline. Through unitization, we acquired a 0.349% working interest in the Madden Sour Gas participating area (“PA”) in the Madden Deep Unit and the Lost Cabin Gas Processing Plant. Under the current PA, we have 505 gross (84 net) acres that are included in the 24,088 acre PA total. Our remaining acreage on the Madden Anticline has the potential to be included in the Madden Sour Gas PA, depending on future drilling locations. The Unit is operated by ConocoPhillips. The Madison wells producing at Madden Anticline produced an average of 464 mcf per day, net to our interest, in 2013. These are long-lived wells with large producing rates and reserves.

South Waltman
Located approximately 15 miles southeast of the Madden Anticline and three miles south of the Cave Gulch field, Escalera operates the South Waltman field with an average working interest of 46.67% in the acreage. To date, two wells have been completed.  The Waltman 34-24 well was drilled and completed at a depth of 4,349-4,374 feet. The Waltman 24-24 well was drilled to a total depth of 9.342 feet and was completed in several Lance zones.  The Waltman 24-24 began producing July 31, 2009.